We offer end-to-end export activities at our Trade Offices and PTS (Packaging and Transfer Centers) we have established in Turkish Industry clusters.

Within the scope of digital processes of all products produced around our operation centers

-Professional product photography process

- Categorizing the products in accordance with the GTIP (Customs Tariff Statistics Exposure) chart,

- Processes of serving virtual markets,

- Marketing and sales activities

- Participation in international fairs

- E-export operations

- Export transactions

- Customs clearance

- Integration into B2B activities

By undertaking all processes, we provide professional services to our manufacturers and enable them to access ergonomic operations.

Moreover, we do not charge any fees.

You can access all e-export operations free of charge without incurring export, customs clearance, time and personnel costs in order to bring the products you produce to the B2B ecosystem.